What is this?

This app helps prevent TV networks from editing/clipping/re-ordering interviews. Some networks will modify videos in post-production to push an agenda or change a narrative.

The quickest way to understand the problem being solved AND how it works is to watch this video:

How does it work?

An interviewee places a phone in frame, with the ClipGuard app running. The app displays:

After airing, interviewee shares a QR code. This QR code can be scanned in the ClipGuard app (by viewers of the interview) to reproduce exactly the same sequence, at the same time, as when the interview occurred.

Who does this help?

Admittedly, probably only a handful of people in the entire world. This is my 1st app released to market. I wanted a semi-simple problem to solve. I thought this was a cool idea that no one had done before. Idea was inspired by Elon Musk’s 60 minute interview. He’s one person I could see this helping.

Is this foolproof?

Nope. But re-producing will take some work and time. This is a deterrent, not a bullet proof method. However, I think it solves the problem. Disagree? Ideas to make it better? Open an issue or holler at me (@RynoP).

Chart colors

I tried to use colors on the chart that are color blind friendly. I wanted to display 6 bars (last 60s) but things got too cramped, especially on small phones.


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